Best Rooftop Tent Requirements & Template

General Rules:

  1.  Important: Use a free Grammarly account to correct spelling, punctuation, idiomatic errors before submitting. 
  2. Please write according to the article frame we have given.
  3. You don’t need to add any pictures, charts, buttons or video, the pure text is enough.
  4. Try to use a friendly tone instead of writing it as a product manual.
  5. You don’t need to add product specifications or parameter.
  6. Do not mention the concrete price of any product, you may use the blurry word as “around, above, under” instead.
  7. Do not copy any sentences from Amazon, including the customer’s reviews.
  8.  Make sure to list the sources at the bottom of the article. 
  9. The products links are listed at the bottom as a reference for you.

Article Frame:

Title: Best Rooftop Tent (2600)

1.Introduction (100)
2.Reviews of the 8 Best Roof Top Tents for Travels & Camping (150 words for each product)
2.1 Best Budget Rooftop Camping Tent Shelter
2.2 Best Smittybilt Overlander Car Roof Tent
2.3 Best Jeep Roof Top Tent
2.4 Best Pop up Trunk Roof Top Tent
2.5 Best Tepui 3 Person Roof Top Tent
2.6 Best Automatic Canopy for SUV Roof
2.7 Best 4 Person Roof Top Tent
2.8 Best Yakima Roof Top Tent for FJ Cruiser
3.What Is A Vehicle Tent? (50)
4.What Is the Advantage of a Roof Top Tent? (100)
5.What to Look for in Best Roof Top Tents? (900)
5.1 Material
5.2 Size
5.3 Ease of Setup & Conversion
5.4 Accessories
5.5 Weight
5.6 Cover Convenience
5.7 Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell
6. FAQs of the Best Rooftop Tents (200)
6.1 Can You Put a Roof Tent on Any Car?
6.2 How Much Does a Roof Top Tent Weigh?
6.3 How Much Does a Roof Top Tent Cost?
6.4 Do Roof Rack for Roof Top Tent Damage Your Car?
6.5 How to Care and Maintain the Rooftop Tent?
7.Final Thoughts (50)

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