Single Product Review Requirement & Template

Article Frame:

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The articles should involve several sections:

1. Introduction section.

Give a brief introduction to the product and its brand history, and make a preview on the article contents to attract readers to go on reading.

2. The summary reviews.

Briefly introduce the overall features and functions on it.

3. Detailed Reviews.

Give a detailed review on each feature it has

4. Pros&Cons.

List the pros and cons of the product (The cons should not include quality issues, just the things that needed to be improved.)

5. Final Verdict/Conclusion.

Give a final verdict to the product and you can mark out what kinds of person that suits the product the most.


General Rules:

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2. You don’t need to add any pictures, charts, button or video, the pure text is enough.
3. Try to use a friendly tone instead of writing it as a product manual.
4. You don’t need to add product specifications or parameter.


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[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]Rinnai Rur98in 9.8 Max Gpm Ultra[/su_highlight]

If you’re looking for a tankless water heater that uses less energy to deliver hot water when you need it, then you won’t a better choice than the Rinnai RUR98iN Ultra Series. This system has been described by many customers as the most energy efficient unit and we couldn’t agree less.
Besides being qualified by ENERGY STAR, this machine has an energy rating of 96% which obviously separates it in its own class. Just like other models from Rinnai, this unit gives you a range of choices for PVC and concentric venting. It all depends on what you want.
In addition to its high energy factor, this unit also produces lower emissions of CO2 and NOX through an advanced technology. Although highly priced, the value it provides quickly makes up for this.

[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]-Detailed Review[/su_highlight]


One of the best ways to cut down on your utility bill is to install a tankless water heater. Compared to a traditional hot water tank, a tankless water heater can help you save more than 30% of the money you spend on energy every month.
However, this is not the case with the traditional counterpart. Since power is being drawn to heat and sustain the hot water, you will have to pay for the used energy whether you are using the hot water or not.
With a hot water tank, you’re limited to the amount of water you can get depending on the tank’s capacity. Once the storage is emptied, you have to refill and heat up again; which may not always be convenient. However, with a tankless water heater, you have an unlimited access to hot water anytime you need it.
The Rinnai RUR98iN is equipped with a good number of advanced features that really separates it as a tankless water heater in its own class. Some of them include a built-on circulation pump for added efficiency, an internal by-pass pipe for internal recirculation, and a Wifi control that can be connected over your home’s network.


Anything a regular tankless heater does, you can expect to get from the Rinnai RUR98iN and even more. The unit is specially designed to support the whole house with reliable delivery to multiple bathrooms (up to four) at the same time without any fluctuation in water flow provided the temperature outside is favourable.
In addition, this unit enables you to monitor and alter the heating settings over your home network through Wifi. The incorporation of ThermaCirc360 recirculation technology allows you to get how water whenever you need it and for as long as you want. There are very few products that can offer you the same value.


As indicated earlier, the heat outflow of this unit is 9.8 GPM which may fluctuate depending on the weather condition outside the house. Generally, with cooler temperatures, you are likely to experience.
The RUR98IN is also equipped with a programmable digital controller that allows you alter temperature and save energy in the process. You can use the remote control provided to adjust temperature to your preferred choice.

This unit has been labelled as an “ultra-efficient” heater and we can’t agree any less. Two heat exchangers are employed to adequately heat the incoming water in a condensing mode where the flue gases are used to preheat the water in the secondary heat exchanger. As a result, the exhaust temperature is greatly reduced leading to higher efficiency of the unit.

[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]Other features[/su_highlight]

• Twin pipe PVC/CPVC configuration for greater flexibility
• Comes with safety features like thermal fuse, flame rod and combustion fan rpm check
• Has boiling and frost protection
• Has OHS and over-current protection.

[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]Pros[/su_highlight]

• Doesn’t require a lot of space
• Highly energy efficient (saves water and uses less electricity)
• Delivers hot water on demand and doesn’t makes noise
• Delivers up to 9.8 GPM which is pretty massive
• Special system to greatly reduce NOx emission makes it super safe

[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]Cons[/su_highlight]

• Very expensive
• System requires venting during installation and no venting kit is provided
• Not suitable for small homes
• You may need to hire a professional for installation
• Requires scheduled maintenance by a certified repair personnel certified from Rinnai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a direct vent system?
A: Yes
Q: What is the max temperature and flow rate of this unit?
A: The temp is set at a 120 max at the factory but can be increased to 140 by changing the SW6 in DIPSW 1 to on. As far as the GPM there are a lot variables such is water pressure line diameter and length which will affect the output.
Q: What else is needed to install this?
A: Valve kit, proper gas pipe sizing and venting per your local plumbing codes

[su_highlight background=”#abdbeb”]Bottom Line[/su_highlight]

If you have a large family and you’re looking for a powerful water heater that will meet your household needs, then the Rinnai RUR98iN will make a great buy. You will be fascinated by its great power and high energy efficiency, compact size and environmental friendliness. Though you may find the price a little too high, the value it provides makes it well worth the investment. This unit is one of the best tankless heaters (if not the best) you can rely on to provide you with continuous supply of hot water whenever you need it, no matter how long. With this unit in your home, your bills will never skyrocket anymore!


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